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Located in Williston, Vermont, we are a full service, friendly, local auto mechanic shop. Contact us for all your auto care needs; our auto repair shop provides quality auto diagnostic, inspection, and repair services. We are experienced, knowledgeable and friendly technicians, we can assure you quality automotive repair and preventative maintenance services.

markRegular preventative car maintenance is made up of inspection and testing the subsystems of your car, as well as servicing and replacing your car's parts and fluids. It is important to schedule maintenance for your car, because not only does it ensures your car's reliability and longevity, but more importantly, the safety of you and your passengers as well. Depending on your vehicle, several parts are replaced, either to prevent major vehicle damage, or for safety reasons. The maintenance interval for your car maintenance depends on many things, such as your car's model, make, and year, your driving preferences and habits, and of course the Vermont roads on which you drive. At Williston Automotive, we help design a custom maintenance schedule just for your car, based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, based on your driving habits and preferences, and based on our extensive experience with your type of vehicle.

Our Services

Since 2002, Williston has provided quality automotive services to vehicle owners in Chittenden County.

Brake Repair

Williston Automotive provides a complete range of repair services for import and domestic brake systems. We know how important it is for you to understand the critical role your brakes play in keeping you and your passengers safe while driving. Brake components wear down over time and need to be serviced regularly. Brake pads are critical, because every time you press hit the brakes, the […]

Electronics and Electrical Systems Repair

Your car’s electrical system has a wide range of components, including wiring and circuits, instrumentation, lights, windows, and many other components. If your car isn’t starting and you have already ruled out the starter or battery, then the electrical system could very well be the problem. At Williston Automotive, we have advanced electrical diagnostic equipment to quickly diagnose and fix your electrical issues so you […]

Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

At Williston Automotive, we are known for our expertise in the service, replacement, and repair, of automotive cooling system components. We know how important the cooling system is in your car or truck, and how it plays a role in your engine’s longevity. It also contributes to the overall dependability of your vehicle. The primary function of your engine’s cooling system is to transfer the […]

Transmission Services

At Williston Automotive, we are experts in servicing both automatic and manual transmission systems. Your car’s transmission delivers power from your engine to your drive wheels, to provide power and efficiency for your driving speed. Transmission fluid cools and lubricates the gears, and over time the fluid breaks down, diminishing its lubrication properties. In an automatic transmission, the filter helps to remove dirt and other […]

About Us

  markMark Morey has been fixing cars since 1986. He has worked in major dealerships, and opened his own shop in 2002. He is married with three children and enjoys metalworking, hunting and playing guitar when is not working on cars. Scott Rexford has been working on cars for over twenty years. He has been working with Mark for 11 years. He is a graduate of Vermont Technical College.