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Air conditioning

At Williston Automotive, we are known for our expertise in the service, replacement, and repair, of automotive cooling system components. We know how important the cooling system is in your car or truck, and how it plays a role in your engine’s longevity. It also contributes to the overall dependability of your vehicle.

The primary function of your engine’s cooling system is to transfer the heat from your engine and dissipate it into the air outside. Your car’s water pump circulates engine coolant throughout the engine block where it transfers heat to the radiator. The coolant then disperses the radiator heat into the air. Your car’s thermostat regulates the coolant temperature to ensure that it is consistent. This maximizes your engine’s operative efficiency.

From time to time, your cooling system’s components need to be replaced. Some of the factors are the operating conditions in Vermont, the type of coolant you use, and the type of vehicle you drive. Problems with your cooling system may include your water pump, radiator, or thermostat.

Williston Automotive offers full service for your car’s cooling system and we work on both foreign and domestic trucks and cars.