Brake Repair

brakesWilliston Automotive provides a complete range of repair services for import and domestic brake systems. We know how important it is for you to understand the critical role your brakes play in keeping you and your passengers safe while driving. Brake components wear down over time and need to be serviced regularly.

Brake pads are critical, because every time you press hit the brakes, the brake pads wear against the rotor. If the brake pads wear too low, the underlying metal surface of the pads make contact with your rotors. This can not only create dangerous driving conditions, but will make your brake service more expensive. We will teach you the warning signs of brake failure, to save you money on expensive brake repairs. The most common signs of brake problems include the a soft feeling when depressing the brake pad, grinding noises, or if the brake warning light turns on.

At Williston Automotive, we are highly trained to service all front and rear brake systems. We provide thorough brake system inspections and can provide you with a diagnosis to offer you options and a cost estimate. We specialize in brake cylinder and pad replacement, brake rotor services, and anti-lock brake systems.

We suggest our brake flushing service to remove air and moisture from your car’s brake system because it helps increase the longevity of your brake system. Excessive moisture can have an adverse affect on your whole braking system.