Electronics and Electrical Systems Repair

automotive-electronics-techzibitsYour car’s electrical system has a wide range of components, including wiring and circuits, instrumentation, lights, windows, and many other components. If your car isn’t starting and you have already ruled out the starter or battery, then the electrical system could very well be the problem. At Williston Automotive, we have advanced electrical diagnostic equipment to quickly diagnose and fix your electrical issues so you are back on the road.

Its critically important to take care of your car’s electronics systems. At Williston Automotive, we are experts at electrical system troubleshooting, repair and maintenance, and we can service all of your car’s electronic systems, electrical repair, and maintenance needs.

Our services include:

Engine Controls, Cruise Control, Computer Diagnostics, Batteries, Starters, Alternators, Ignition Switch, Brake Lamps, Door Locks, Headlamps, Flashers, Fuses, Horn, Interior Lighting, Power Windows, Power Seats, Turn Signals, Power Mirrors, Wiper Motor, Window Defogger, Oil Pressure Indicator